your mindset can change everything in your life.


Hi Achievers!

It’s time to design a life of Purpose, Passion & Fulfillment!! In this journey one moment can change everything.

Ready or Not, When taking a giant leap forward you’ll become a new you with a reprogrammed mindset where you can

“Achieve Anything that your heart desires.” 

– It’s time to build a legacy with an empowered mindset with confidence and passion.

– It’s time to get clarity, your ideal clients and create beautiful money!

– NO more doubt, negative self talk and uncertainty.

– It’s time to show up and be fully committed with high energy and vibration.

– NO more limiting beliefs stopping you from stepping into your empire building.

– It’s time to say goodbye to your negative shadow and ….

Say HELLLOOO!!! (It’s time introduce the new YOU…)

– Who impacts other entrepreneurs to go after their dreams and stop waiting for the right moment.

– By trusting yourself and believing in yourself, your dreams and abilities to help those who have been looking for you!!!

– YOU have stepped into your passion with a desire to help those who need you and your gifts!

– YOU show up consistently and trust that everything happens for a reason to better serve you and your clients.

– YOU choice to take action because YOU are passionate about what YOU are creating.

– YOU embrace the lessons, changes and new habits to be more abundant.

– YOU are grateful for everything that flows YOUR way.

– YOU are determined to live a lifestyle that exceeds YOUR dreams.

– YOU changed YOUR thinking, changed YOUR beliefs about YOURSELF and changed YOUR life.

– YOU are at ease that YOU have unlocked and transformed YOUR life.

– YOU are aligned with YOUR core values.

– YOU celebrate all YOUR wins small and big.

– YOU are financially abundant with the new habits YOU have created for your wealth.

– YOU are now living a beautiful story that makes YOU unique, authentic and proud.

– YOU have sharpened YOUR skills and will sharpen your MIND EVERY SINGE DAY because you now know how important YOUR thoughts are and how they can become YOUR reality.

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Want to know if you are My IDEAL client as I call you “MY LIFER”

If you are ready to commit to be more, become more and have more then keep reading…

  1. You are ready to be in alignment with your core values.

  2. Are ready to overcome your limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and overcoming fears.

  3. You are ready to commit to more greatness in your life.

  4. You are ready to peal all the layers off to determine what’s blocking you to reach the next level in your life or biz.

  5. You are ready to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you and replace it with abundance, grace and positive attitude.

  6. You want more success in your life.

  7. You are ready to sharpen your mindset everyday.

  8. You are ready to create a massive shift in all areas of your life.

  9. You are ready to become a true leader & creator based on all your ups and downs.

Ladies, let’s be honest!

Life is not perfect.

However, if you are ready to improve, then you are my LIFER for life!

Am I the right Life & Mindset Guru for you?

My LIFERS are most successful and have in common when:

They are ready to fully own and embrace everything in their life not just the good.

They are committed to reach the next level NOW!

They are super coachable and with an open mind to learn new things.

They are ready to let go of anything that is no longer serving them.

They are ready to replace their negative thoughts with positive ones.

They are aware that they are solely responsible for their results in their life.

They acknowledge when they fall off track.

They are heart centered and don’t let their ego overpower their actions.

They are aware that this is not a competition against others.

They always up lift others while building themselves.

They are always ready and eager to learn.

They dream about a beautiful life and want to be completely free.

They want their dream to become a reality.

They trust and believe in themselves.

They allow and give themselves permission to live a big life and not play small!


Are you ready to reprogram your Mindset & Achieve Anything your heart desires?

Build a legacy? Create a massive shift to be abundant in all areas of your life?

Then let’s get started!


Feel that tingling feeling in your body, your gut. This is a sign, you want more in life. That’s how I felt & that’s when I joined our team Synergy Movement #LIMITNESS. It has amazing momentum, incredible energy, unconditional love & support. So your desires & dreams from a vision board into reality & live life on your terms.


If you are ready to improve your health & your energy. It’s never to late to start taking care of yourself. The important part is to start earlier than later. There is no greater gift or wealth than our Health!


About Anna

I truly believe if you are committed & you don’t let anything get in your way you can achieve anything your heart desires. When creating an empowered mindset your potential is Limitless!! For those who don’t know me… Yet! Here is just a sneak peak of Anna Kowalczyk – Slowy, one of my favorite qualities is, I laugh at my own jokes all the time, I love to travel and be adventurous. I have become obsessed with self- care and putting my needs first in order to give the best self to others. I am a Mamapreneur, a wifey and the CEO of Achieve Anything with Anna and the founder of Achieving your Legacy Facebook group.

I am here to inspire you, motivate you, have you step out of your comfort zones, educate you, provide you with unconditional support but most of all tell you like it is! No sugar coating. I may tell you something you may not like but that’s because I want you to succeed & not just boost your ego when you need a reality check. (We all need a reality check from time to time including myself.) Remember, the greatest gift you will ever get is the person you become along the way.


Anna and I first met almost a year ago. I was instantly drawn to her because of her genuine and friendly personality. We have since become close friends and she continues to inspire me with her positive outlook, driven nature and dedication to making her dreams become a reality. Anna and I have collaborated several times and she continues to bring to the table her creative ideas, enthusiasm and consistency. Anna is very honest and outgoing, two traits that make her an valuable team player.

Brooke Monks

Teacher, USANA Associate & Team Member of Synergy Movement #LimitnessFreedom

With Anna in your corner you can build the positive energy and focus you need to live the life of your dreams. Her passion and kick-ass style of coaching is instrumental in helping to identify fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your BEST life! Her encouragement and accountability make her an invaluable resource. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do it; And get ready to up-level in ways you wouldn’t even imagine!

Tesa Colvin

Escape Plan Clarity Coach & Business Dvelopment Strategist, Borrow my MBA